DGT new stickers with environmental badges

The DGT has created stickers with environmental badges, given depending on the pollution potential of each vehicle, and soon will show off the vehicles. The resolution of the DGT has already been published by the National Government, which divides cleaner car park in 4 categories with their corresponding labels:

*Label Zero Emissions: For vehicles that run on battery electric vehicles with extended hybrid plug autonomy with a minimum of 40 km and fuel cell vehicles electric range.
*ECO label: Destined to plug-in hybrid vehicles with a range of less than 40 km, hybrids do not plug and powered by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas vehicles.
*Label C: For passenger cars and light vans gasoline enrolled from 2006 to comply with the rules of pollution European euro 4, 5 and 6, or vehicle registered diesel from 2014 that meet the Euro 6 standards, and vehicles over sleeps 8 or goods enrolled from 2014.
*Label B: passenger cars and light vans registered gas from 2000 (Euro 3) and registered from 2006 (Euro 4 and 5) diesel; seater vehicles more than 8 or goods enrolled from 2005 that meet the Euro 4 and 5 standards.
The rest later.

The DGT is already sending labels to owners of vehicles reviewed, starting with the most environmentally friendly. These labels are intended to stick on the windshield or somewhere visible in the vehicle, but for now it is not mandatory.

What advantage have the tags? They will, for example, identify environmentally friendly vehicles in circumstances that have any advantage over non-organic. For example, these vehicles have benefits in some cities, such as free parking or permission to use the bus lane.

They will also identify the most polluting cars to certain prohibitions. For example, some cities arise prevent the movement of these more polluting vehicles on days of heavy pollution.