IBI (Council tax)

Residents, Claim the Discounts on their IBI (annual rates) Bills.

Those residents who are registered on the “padrón” (census) with their NIE numbers and who meet the criteria, are not automatically receiving the reductions on their annual rates, should visit their town halls to make the application.

In some areas, this incentive is also available to large families, the unemployed, widows, pensioners and those with disabilities. The reduction in the IBI bills can be from between 10% and up to 50% Each town hall has fixed application dates and even though in certain municipalities the cut of date is the 31st of December, in others it will be much earlier. For this reason, please contact the relevant department as soon as possible.

To qualify, you must be up to date with all your payments. That is to say no debts at all with the “oficina de recaudación” (municipal tax office) including vehicle tax. Some town halls will allow the discounts for those who pay the rates by direct debits. Contact the town hall to ask who is entitled to the discount and the documentation that you will need to provide

These reductions should be declared in your annual tax returns.

For those whose incomes are such that do not need to make a tax declaration, please check first as this will affect your tax status.