Each procedure has an estimated time and price.

Taxes or extra charges required by the administration are not included.

We give you the exact address of the meeting point. If you find it difficult to find, we can pick you up and take you to the meeting point ourselves.

No. The NIE is simply a number that identifies a foreigner in Spain and the Residencia is the authorization to live in our country.

If you have a fixed monthly income or are registered in the special regime of self-employed, you can get the Spanish residence.

It has a permanent effect, but if you need to obtain a certificate stating that you are registered, this certificate lasts for 3 months.

An official interpreter  is required only when you make an statement before the police or before the judge. In other cases a qualified interpreter is sufficient to communicate what is necessary.

In addition, to submit an official document to any public entity, it is required to be translated by an official translator.

The only way to have medical cover  with the Spanish health system is having an employment contract, being self-employed or being a  pensioner.

Registering with the Tax Office and the Social Security as self-employed has not official cost. The following month after registration, Social Security begins to charge about 50 Euros per month for 6 months, 133 Euros the next 6 months, 188 Euros the following 12 months to reach a quota of 260 Euros that remains permanently.

As for the Tax Agency, you have to pay 20% of the profit and also VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) 21% also on profits.

It is required to obtain an appointment by phone or online. The day of the appointment, you appear in the MOT station where you have the appointment, pay a rate of between 35 and 60 Euros for the inspection, depending on the vehicle, and go straight to  pass inspection in the same station.

It is an easy but not simple process. After obtaining the purchase contract and documentation of identity of both buyer and seller, the 4% of the current value of the vehicle must be paid at the tax office of each Spanish region, a fee to the DGT of 60 Euro, have the MOT updated and the road tax paid, besides not having any debts / charges on the vehicle to be transferred.

You must pre-register in March if it is the first time studying in a primary or secondary school and make the registration the first week of July.

To buy or sell a property, you have to appear before a notary to validate the transaction. The cost of the operation for which purchase is 10% of the purchase price to be paid to notary, land registry office and taxes. When you sell, you should only pay if you made a profit; In that case, you must pay 20% to the tax office.